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The main advantages of Kaunas FEZ

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The main advantages of Kaunas FEZ The main advantages of Kaunas FEZ
Kaunas FEZ is 534 ha industrial development area which offers tax incentives.
Key advantages include:
  • Considerable tax incentives;
  • Excellent geographic location, coupled with high quality road and railroad connections;
  • Adjacent to Kaunas Airport (at present 17 flight directions to the Western European Countries) ;
  • Close to ice-free Klaipeda Seaport;
  • Stable and constantly growing Lithuanian economy;
  • Highly skilled and inexpensive workforce;
  • Well developed infrastructure;
  • Inconsiderable cultural and linguistic barrier;
  • Good investment climate;
  • Safety of business in the FEZ.

Tax incentives

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Tax incentives Tax incentives
If you start your business in Kaunas Free Economic Zone, you can avail yourself of the following:
For 6 accounting periods  no income tax is imposed on a company investing over EUR 1 million, whereas over the subsequent 10 accounting periods the tax rate is 50%.
No property tax.
Pursuant to the Law on Income Tax of the Republic of Lithuania, the dividends earned by foreign investors from business in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone are not subject to taxation.
Income tax
15 %
0 % (first 6 years)
50% of the tax rate (subsequent 10 years)
Property tax
1 % 0 %
Dividend tax
15 %
0 %

Infrastructure in Lithuania and Kaunas

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Infrastructure in Lithuania and Kaunas Infrastructure in Lithuania and Kaunas
  • Kaunas is situated in the geographical centre of Lithuania and in developing its transport infrastructure it definitely takes the advantage of being in a supreme position.
  • Kaunas FEZ is situated alongside Motorway A6, which runs from Warsaw to Saint Petersburg, and Motorway A1, which connects Klaipėda Seaport and Vilnius and goes further towards Minsk, Kiev, and Moscow.
  • One of the largest freight railway stations in Lithuania is situated in Palemonas only 4 km away from the FEZ.
  • The fastest growing airport in Lithuania is located immediately adjacent to the FEZ territory.
  • Via Baltica is only 7 km away from Kaunas Free Economic Zone. The development of this road was designated as the 1st priority project by the Crete Conference in 1996. 
  • The 9th priority designated by the same Conference is Motorway A1, which is one of the most important and intensive Lithuanian arterial roads. It is a 4-lane road connecting Klaipėda and Vilnius. 
  • The quality of road surface in Lithuania is among the best in Europe. 
  • Rail connections come to Kaunas from the seaports of Klaipėda and Kaliningrad and go further to the markets in Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, and to the sources of raw materials (Crete transport corridor 9). 
  • The development of the North-South transport corridor (Riga-Warsaw) was designated priority No. 1 in Europe.
  • The neighbourhood of Kaunas Airport and Kaunas FEZ coupled with  its particularly convenient geographic location makes Kaunas an attractive destination for goods. The 3,250 m long airport runway enables to receive any kind of aircraft and to accommodate the current and targeted aircraft transport flows.
Kaunas International Airport - in the neighbourhood of Kaunas FEZ:
  • Second largest airport in Lithuania;
  • Potential multi-modal air cargo hub for Eastern Europe;
  • 724 314 passengers in 2014;
  • 2 060 tons of cargo in 2014;
  • Direct weekly cargo services to Shanghai.
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